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TRANSWORLD TRADING - TWT is a France-based group of international companies specializing in sourcing, trading and distribution of raw materials and industrial products.


When TWT was founded in 1986 the company's activities were focused mainly on China. In 1989 we expanded to include Poland.


Today TWT is a world wide trading and distribution company.


We convert complex international trading operations into simple local ones.


Our thorough knowledge of the countries we serve enables us to select the most reliable suppliers who can best meet our customers’ expectations.


Together with our customers and suppliers, we establish product specifications and then insure quality compliance going forward.


We have an excellent command of the various financial instruments available in our field of business and are in a good position to hedge currency exposure.


We handle regulatory and customs operations.


Because our offices and warehouses are located in France and abroad we can choose the most convenient means of transportation and can insure secure and just on time door to door logistics.

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